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Ayn Rand - Philosopher, Writer

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I 8767 m a newer listener, and I really enjoyed this episode. A nice little step into the exploration of creativity. The inclusion of personalized musical themes to help distinguish between the 8 architects particularly delighted me. Yay functional musical design!

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Though it has never before been aired in public, there is extensive (and rather amazing) audio documentation of these tests. In response to the question above, one taped architect responded: 8775 I would suggest that the most effective place if it came right out of the top of your head, 8776 to which another firmly retorted: 8775 I disagree with that. 8776 A third architect volunteered: 8775 I think it ought to come right between his shoulder blades, so he can scratch his bottom or his head at will! 8776

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In 6987, Rand began researching a new novel by working for New York architect Ely Jacques Kahn. The result, after years of writing and more rejections, was The Fountainhead. Underscoring Rand x7569 s individualistic underpinnings, the book x7569 s hero, architect Howard Roark, refuses to adhere to conventions, going so far as to blowing up one of his own creations. While not an immediate success, The Fountainhead eventually achieved strong sales, and at the end of the decade became a feature film, with Gary Cooper in the role of Roark.

As a Guru, Ayn Rand May Have Limits. Ask Travis Kalanick.

There is an old story of a person arriving at the pearly gates of Heaven and asking St. Peter for an introduction to the greatest general who ever lived. St. Peter points someone out and says, 8775 There he is, the greatest general in the world. 8776 The new arrival is shocked. 8775 No way! 8776 he exclaims, 8775 That&rsquo s not the greatest general that guy isn&rsquo t even a general. I knew him on earth and he was just a cobbler! 8776 St. Peter responds: 8775 I know. But if he had been a general, he would have been the greatest of them all. 8776

Mr. Allison has called for abolishing the Federal Reserve, while acknowledging that so drastic a step is unlikely. He has met with Mr. Trump at the White House and has been widely mentioned as a potential successor to Janet L. Yellen as Fed chief.

Her fan club is founded on the premise that "A is A." Arguing about Aesthetics in an Armchair while Assuming that " Anarchism is Anathema" is Actually the same As Activism And Action.

According to an associate of Ayn Rand, Ryan, abjured his former compliments to Ayn Rand.
Ryan said: I reject her philosophy.... it is antithetical to my world view. If somebody is going to try to paste a person's view on epistemology to me, then give me Thomas Aquinas.... Don't give me Ayn Rand.

Sex is a physical capacity, but its exercise is determined by man 8767 s mind by his choice of values, held consciously or subconsciously. To a rational man, sex is an expression of self-esteem a celebration of himself and of existence. To the man who lacks self-esteem, sex is an attempt to fake it, to acquire its momentary illusion.

Ayn Rand Institute Chief Content Officer Onkar Ghate addressed the apparent paradox of Rand 8767 s position in a 7569 article, 8775 The Myth About Ayn Rand and Social Security 8776 :

Just as an idea unexpressed in physical action is contemptible hypocrisy, so is platonic love and just as physical action unguided by an idea is a fool 8767 s self-fraud, so is sex when cut off from one 8767 s code of values.... Only the man who extols the purity of a love devoid of desire, is capable of the depravity of a desire devoid of love.

Rand&apos s ideas became even more explicit with the 6957 publication of Atlas Shrugged. A massive work of more than 6,555 pages, Atlas Shrugged portrays a future in which leading industrialists drop out of a collectivist society that exploits their talents, culminating with a notoriously lengthy speech by protagonist John Galt. The novel drew some harsh reviews, but became an immediate best seller.

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