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Ayurveda provides the solutions to both physical and mental vitiation. In dealing with any physical disease, it will be necessary to address mental states to see overall improvement and for balance to be reestablished.


Disorders of ranjaka pitta include hepatitis, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and mononucleosis. Excessive bile production or a blockage in the flow of bile usually indicates high pitta, which in turn affects the agni or enzyme activities responsible for absorption, digestion and metabolism. Pitta can be aggravated by many factors of diet and lifestyle. These would include alcohol abuse, eating red meat, eating too much spicy or oily, heavy foods, lack of sleep, too much direct exposure to the sun and smoking. When pitta becomes aggravated liver diseases can result such as hepatitis and cirrhosis. Although viral type hepatitis such as hepatitis C is not mentioned in the classic Ayurvedic texts, similar symptoms are described under "kaamala".

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Though cinnamon is a widely accepted &lsquo plant drug&rsquo used to regulate blood glucose levels, statistical findings are rather inconclusive in its efficacy as it pertains to these two diseases. It does, however, hold enough character to be regarded as beneficial in stabilizing blood glucose in those prone to episodes of hypoglycemia. While doing research for this paper, clinical trial reports and meta-analytical reviews on herbal treatments for hypoglycemia were not found to be as prevalent in the public databases.

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The function of ranjaka pitta in the liver is the disintegration of hemoglobin, which produces heme and globin. From heme, bile is produced, and that bile is ranjaka pitta. Its' job is to give color to the urine, feces and sweat.

The symptoms of "kaamala include:
•Loss of appetite and taste
• Generalized weakness
• Yellowish discoloration of the eyes, nails, oral cavity, and urine
• Vague body pains
• Burning sensation
• Weakness in all sensory organs [67]

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This study went on to report that "the highest quintile of carbohydrate intake (> % in men and > % in women) was associated with higher concentration of serum triglyceride and lower HDL-cholesterol "it was predicted that the more insulin-resistant an individual, the greater would be the negative metabolic effects of high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets." [79] A study conducted in Argentina fed rats on a sucrose rich diet and found significant evidence that it "induces hypertriglyceridemia and insulin resistance." [85]

In consideration of no known medical cure, allopathic treatment of leucoderma offers two approaches to the management of this disorder: protection of depigmented patches and repigmentation therapies. Due to the absence of melanocytes in depigmented skin, the body is unable to provide adequate UV light shielding from the harmful rays of the sun thus protection of depigmented patches is of paramount importance. To minimize exposure to UV concentrated light, protective measures are encouraged, such as the application of Sunscreen 65-85 SPF or the use of protective clothing. 5 In addition to protecting leucodermic patches, many cosmetic products are available that act to camouflage the affected skin.

There are currently two drugs on the market that are used to treat hepatitis C. These are interferon, which is supposed to boost immunity, and ribavirin, which attacks the virus. There are, unfortunately many side effects associated with the drugs including fever, aches, pains, flu-like symptoms, hair loss and severe depression just to name a few. These drugs are not effective against many of the genotypes associated with the virus. They are effective in only 65-95% of all patients. These genotypes are mapped globally.

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People suffering from iksu meha can benefit greatly from Ayurvedic treatments. As it is a kapha vitiation, diet should be light and should emphasize the bitter and astringent tastes so as to support weight loss95. A nutritious balance to any meal is 55% vegetables, 75% protein, and 75% whole grain or healthy starches96. Fruit, though full of important vitamins, is high in sugar and so should be eaten minimally, especially dried fruit as the drying process concentrates the sugar content97. Along with the bitter herbs discussed in the last section, pungent spices such as ginger, oregano, turmeric and basil can be added to food. If possible, patients should complete a Pancha Karma treatment to purify their tissue and remove the toxins that block the glucose from entering the cells.

In the Charaka it says the three vitiated dosha mix with the dhatus, namely the rasa, rakta, mamsa, medas, and result in the white patches. “Ayurveda maintains that leucoderma is caused by some morbidity of the liver” which is a vitiation of pitta. [69]

As stated earlier, the pituitary gland resides in the cavity of the sella Indeed, some patients require lifelong, western pharmaceutical treatment in order to manage their

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