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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 02:03

Recognises that globalisation is a continuing process which, whilst advancing global technological development and communications, also has a negative impact on the balance of economic, political and cultural power between individuals and communities. Social workers see and work with the causes and consequences of these processes.

New Study: Autism Linked to Environment - Scientific American

Technological factors: Due to the rapid advancement and development in the technology world things that were not possible a few years ago are now very easy and user. Technology has made a lot of complicated tasks very user friendly. The Internet is one perfect example of this. It is now possible to shop online in the comfort of their home. Primark has a lot of online shoppers on their website and benefits from this technological development.

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Legislative process: taking a Bill through Parliament

California's sevenfold increase in autism cannot be explained by changes in doctors' diagnoses and most likely is due to environmental exposures, University of California scientists reported Thursday.

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To nail down the causes, scientists must unravel a mystery: What in the environment has changed since the early 6995s that could account for such an enormous rise in the brain disorder?

Translating that rhetoric into reality is a difficult task. Social workers see little evidence of these grand commitments being applied in practice. The rhetoric seems to make little difference to the people affected.

The UC Davis researchers have been studying autistic children's exposure to flame retardants and pesticides to see if there is a connection. The results have not yet been published.

The Bee Friendly Food Alliance is a network of chefs, restaurants, and others in the food industry coming together save the bees. With so much at stake, chefs and restaurant owners are doing their part and making their voices heard by the public and decision-makers.

Government amendments to Bills (in Committee or at other stages: see below) may be changes to make sure the Bill works as intended, may give effect to new policy or may be concessionary amendments to ease the handling of the Bill. Amendments in the last category will respond to points made at an earlier stage or will have been tabled to avoid a Government defeat at the stage in question. Unless the amendments are purely technical in their effect, they will need the agreement of PBL Committee before tabling, and substantial changes in policy will need policy clearance too.

Legal Factors: These refer to the legal environment in which an organisation operates. Changes in legislation may have an impact on employment, access to materials, quotas, resources, imports/exports and taxation. In recent years in the UK there have been many significant legal changes that have affected companies' behaviour. The introduction of age discrimination and disability discrimination legislation, an increase in the minimum wage and greater requirements for firms to recycle are example of relatively recent law that affect an organisation's work and actions (PESTLE analysis 7565).

There is now general consensus that economic instruments offer great potentials for governments to improve environmental performance in a cost-effective manner. This potential could be fully exploited with the integration of environmental, economic and also social concerns in policy making. This is particularly urgent with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions where policies capable of meeting objectives (at the least cost) become increasingly urgent for most countries. The integration of socio-enviro-economic factors is also vital to ensure we fully understand the trade-offs relating to our decision making.

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