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Banking System in India – Non Performing Assets - INSIGHTS

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 08:03

As UPSC Civil Services Mains 7569 is over, we are providing the official UPSC question paper for essay with detailed analysis. UPSC asked students to write 7 essays this year. We hope this move didn 8767 t bring shock to our regular readers, who took Clear IAS Free Mains Mock Exam in 7

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SHORT ESSAY ONDr. . Abdul Kalam - Rosemary Institute

It is Good to being cashless but INDIA will only be totally depend upon cashless economy if it is promoted in hospitals,schools and many more places because the paying amount in this places is high and no one keep money in his/her wallets this sum amounts..
We can 8767 t use digital payments to those small shops who cannot afford it so cashless economy will have disadvantages till every single person (he /she)gets educated.
Now only and coming generation can make INDIA a develop country and to competite with other countries like

ARTICLE : Communal Harmony (साम्प्रदायिक सद्भाव)

Similarly, mechanisms to ensure their stability have also been developed. Some of the examples can be CRR SLR Basel conventions regular directions of the RBI Financial Stability and Development Council etc.

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The sluggish legal system (Judiciary in India) and lack of systematic and constant efforts by the banks make it difficult to recover these loans from both corporate and non-corporate.

It is only through dedicated and sustained efforts that India will attain “SWARAJ” in its true sense and be not only the global manufacturing hub but also the “light of the world”.

The world is eagerly awaiting to witness the rise of the “ASIAN ELEPHANT” and it is time to prove them right. The vigour of the political class displayed by the new government to boost manufacturing and growth along with the favourable global conditions augurs extremely well for the rise of India. The favourable policy climate brought in by various legislations and the improving economy of USA and Europe has brought in new prospects for the Indian Manufacturing Industry.

The Forex-Reserve is more than $855 billion, the average growth in the 66 th FYP was % even after facing two economic crisis. The CAD(current account deficit) was as low as % of GDP while FD has substantially reduced to around %.

BUT, There is no such explicit mention of the term : Commercial loan and Consumer loan. ( Except agriculture loan, where it depends on harvesting seasons)

We live in a world of difference. Yet, we are interdependent. Nowhere is learning to live with difference more important than religion. Too often, religion is misused as an instrument for division and injustice, betraying the very ideals and teachings that lie at the heart of each of the world's great traditions. At the same time, religious and spiritual traditions shape the lives of billions in wise and wonderful ways. They gather people in communities of shared beliefs and practices. When these diverse communities work in harmony for the common good, there is hope that the world can be transformed positively.

i feel very confident to get overview on all papers conducted by upsc with the help of this site. now i can decide good stratgy for next exam thanks alot mrunnal sir

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