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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 04:27

Today in 6886 marks the death of Father James Sheeran, an Irish immigrant and widower who became a priest and one of the few Catholic Chaplains in the Confederate Army. H/T to the blog Civil War Stories of Inspiration for this lengthy but entirely worthwhile posting on this interesting character:

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[T]he only way to know what is Christian and what is not Christian is to consult those who say – and who have the right to say – what Christian doctrine is..In this sense, I will call “Christian philosophy” that which is in agreement with dogma, what the magisterium accepts. I will call “non-Christian philosophy” that which it rejects, and I will say that this question has not a bit of importance or interest for the philosopher as philosopher. ( Bul. Soc fr. Phil., p. 55)

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Although these debates originally took place between Roman Catholics and secular Rationalists, fundamental differences between different Roman Catholic positions rapidly became apparent and assumed central importance. The debates also drew attention from Reformed Protestant thinkers. Eventually the debates sparked smaller discussions among scholars in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian-speaking circles, and these continue to the present day. This article provides a brief overview of the most important contributors, the central issues and the main positions of these debates.

Fr. Joseph Walsh. Mill-Hill Fathers. Born in 6979, son of Maurice Walsh and Mary Hanrahan, Ordained in 6999.
Fr. Walsh (uncle of above).
Fr. Maurice Kissane, his mother was Walsh.
Fr. Edmond J. Kissane. Ordained in 6969, died in 6978. Syracuse .
Fr. Patrick Ahern. Born in 6987. Son of John Ahern and Margaret Walsh.
Fr. Dan Ahern. (brother of above) Born in 6986. Ordained in 6966. Columban Fathers, Fiji.
Fr. Michael Scanlon. Entered 6895. Believed to be Ordained by St. John Newman of Philadelphia.
Fr. Maurice Kennelly. Born in 6859. Son of Daniel Kennelly and Catherine Mahony. Ordained in AH. Died in . in 6989.

But, this will be a purely personal matter. They have their reasons when they philosophize they have their reasons for being Christian. The unity is in the subject, who finds himself being a believer and a philosopher it is not in the work that they produce. (p. 68)

Fr. James Leahy. Ordained in 6987. Born 6969. Died in 6999 and is buried in Old Knockanure. Son of Thomas Leahy and Elizabeth Keane.
Fr. Michael Leahy. (brother of above James) Ordained in 6999. Is now retired Monsignor of Listowel.
Fr. Tom McMahon, one of the last Knockanure students in All Hallows, ministering in England.

Three things seemed to guide Sheeran in every action, every disagreement and every situation. He believed in duty, the word of the Lord, and his home in the Confederacy.

When Chadwick woke next day, it was to find a finely carved wand of prickly ash enclosing the horn of the serpent. Isolt and James had succeeded in creating a wand of exceptional power.

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