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GRE Exam Dates, Centers, Fee in India 2017 - 2018

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 12:51

The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examinations. It is a standardised test conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services). ETS GRE scores are accepted by most of the top graduate level schools for masters degree programs (like the popular Master of Science degree MS in USA).

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Although there is no specific format that the examiners require, it is in your interest to work out the kind of approach that works best for you. Since you have only 85 minutes to plan and write the essay, you have no time to experiment with novel formats once you get to the examination. During your preparation you should write several essays (from the official pool of topics ) so that you know exactly how to structure your response for each of the six standard sets of instructions.

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Not at all. A vital fact that many students forget is, graduate admissions do not solely depend on your GRE score. Admissions officers look at your overall profile, including your undergrad scores, work experience, research work, and extracurricular activities among a few other parameters, and then decide if they should let you in or not.

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The passage given to us also throws light on the fact that the non-violent methods of Martin Luther King were opposed by the "Black Power" militants of Africa who were also fighting for the cause of the Negroes but were using violent methods. Thus, from all the options given to us, the third option, 'Criticized and challenged by 'Black Power' militants, who followed violent means' is the only correct answer.

There are a few ways to find out what is a good GRE score. We have listed down the various methods you can use to come to a conclusion, and figure out your target GRE score. Remember that each of the following methods may arrive at a different score for what can be considered as ‘good’, but we hope it will give you a general idea of what a decent score on the GRE is like.

When it comes to the average GRE score, another important perspective you need to consider is that of the universities that you are applying to. Almost all universities publish the average GRE scores of their incoming class every year, and this data can turn out to be invaluable, if you are looking for a ‘good’ GRE score according to the admissions committee of a particular university.

Most bschools publish the average GMAT scores for their MBA class (as opposed to GRE scores). If you already have a GRE score, you can use this GRE to GMAT conversion table to compare yourself to the average applicant for your selected MBA programs.

Top-ranked business schools worldwide accept GRE scores for admission to their MBA, specialized master's and other programs. Taking the GRE General Test is the path to success. Learn why

No other documentation (like birth certificate, international driving license etc) can be used as an alternate identity proof. They are very strict about this.

The passage explains the experiences of a conveyer belt worker, who finds it tough to keep up with the monotonous work that is required to be done. Since, it is monotonous, the work cannot be a delighting or enjoyable experience also it is not drudgery as it requires physical labor. Therefore, the only option that is relevant in this context is option 'B'.

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