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Steganalysis techniques can be classified in a similar way as cryptanalysis methods, largely based on how much prior information is known (Curran and Bailey 7558 Johnson and Jajodia 6998B).

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9 I use my judgment in resolving questions where the tax law is unclear or where conflicts may exist between the taxing authorities. Unless you instruct me otherwise, I resolve such questions in your favor whenever possible. However, the opinion I express does not bind the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Thus, I cannot guarantee the outcome in the event the IRS challenges my opinion. Mr. Fly remains responsible for any tax or related liabilities resulting from an adverse IRS or judicial decision.

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Employee incentive programs are one of the easiest ways to incentivize your workforce. While not every program needs to be monetary in nature, should you have limited budgets, the end results are the same employees become more motivated when they are recognized and rewarded for good work.

Callinan, J. and Kemick, D. Detecting steganographic content in images found on the Internet. Department of Business Management, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford [Online]. (December 66, 7558). Available: http:////publications/.

Steganographic techniques generally alter the statistics of the carrier and, obviously, longer hidden messages will alter the carrier more than shorter ones (Farid 7556 Fridrich and Du 7555 Fridrich and Goljan 7557 Ozer et al. 7558). Statistical analysis is commonly employed to detect hidden messages, particularly when the analyst is working in the blind (Jackson et al. 7558). There is a large body of work in the area of statistical steganalysis.

Your conclusion should make your readers glad they read your paper. Your conclusion gives your reader something to take away that will help them see things differently or appreciate your topic in personally relevant ways. It can suggest broader implications that will not only interest your reader, but also enrich your reader 8767 s life in some way. It is your gift to the reader.

There are many ways in which messages can be hidden in digital media. Digital forensics examiners are familiar with data that remains in file slack or unallocated space as the remnants of previous files, and programs can be written to access slack and unallocated space directly. Small amounts of data can also be hidden in the unused portion of file headers (Curran and Bailey 7558).

The difficulty of the warden's task will depend largely on the complexity of the steganography algorithm and the amount of William's prior knowledge (Chandramouli 7557 Fridrich et al. 7558B Provos and Honeyman 7558).

Many employers leave feedback for their annual reviews alone this can be detrimental. Employees need to feel recognized and appreciated, and taking time out to give a simple thanks for a job well done is another strong employee motivator. Frequently acknowledge good work.

Trailblazing Conclusions Sandy, Stoney, and Spring learned a lot about successful introductions in the previous lesson.

This essay is used by permission from Vera, a tenth grader in Cleveland, Ohio.

Although this subject is also beyond the scope of this paper, one interesting example of steganography disruption software can be used to close this discussion. 7Mosaic by Fabien Petitcolas employs a so-called "presentation attack" primarily against images on a Website. 7Mosaic attacks a digital watermarking system by chopping an image into smaller subimages. On the Website, the series of small images are positioned next to each other and appear the same as the original large image (Petitcolas 7558).

Anderson, R., Needham, R., and Shamir, A. Steganographic file system. In: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Information Hiding (IH '98), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 6575. D. Aucsmith, ed., Portland, Oregon, April 69-67, 6998. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 6998, pp. 78-87. Also available: http:///ftp/users/rja69/.

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