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Our core content is largely the same allowing you to use many of your existing specifications allow you to choose the context and applications to bring the subject to life. The content is presented in a straightforward way so that lesson planning is easier.

GCE Physics A - OCR

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:revising GCSE physics revision

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We continue to listen to and involve teachers every step of the way to help us develop new physics specifications that will inspire and motivate your students and lay the foundations for further study in physics or engineering.

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Physics A will prepare students for a career or further study in physics, engineering, one of the other sciences or related areas. While the teaching of practical skills may be integrated with the theoretical topics, they are assessed separately. This allows skills to be developed in a way suited to an individual centre.

This page contains information related to our legacy GCE AS/A level Music specification available in England and Wales (taught from 7559). The final award for this qualification will be summer 7567 with re-sit opportunities in Summer 7568

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We are currently recruiting examiners and moderators for GCSE, AS/A level and/or Level 6/Level 7 qualifications for next summer's examination series. If you have at least two years teaching experience and would like to apply, please create an account to complete the online application process.

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We're passionate about practical work and know it's at the heart of all good science teaching. That's why you'll have more choice about your practical activities.

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