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You’re not alone if you felt that a semifinal between Marin Cilic and Sam Querrey was the driest, bitterest fruit the Wimbledon draw could have borne. Neither name really gets the juices flowing. No one wakes up early and perky to watch these two play a game of Serve Chicken until someone balks in the tiebreak. And tiebreaks were delivered, but they were good, and this match, taken as a whole, was startlingly juicy. Sure, Marin Cilic in top gear can produce sublime shotmaking, but who knew Sam Querrey has a sporadically buttery touch and the ability to carve drop shots and half-volleys that would make Andy Murray purr?

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“Idk why Jordan Morris is out there,” I typed to the Deadspin staff exactly two minutes before his game-winning goal. Morris was barely scoring in MLS with the Seattle Sounders this year, and even his two goals in this tournament came against the far inferior Martinique. He looked lost and mistake-prone in the Gold Cup final’s first 87 minutes, particularly when Jamaica scored their goal.

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Not that the audience—in southwest London or the world over—is clamoring to see it happen , but a Marin Cilic this confident could well win Wimbledon.

Cilic would go on to win that third-set tiebreak. Querrey then went up an early break in the fourth set, intent on grinding this out to his fourth-straight(!) five-setter at Wimbledon. But then Cilic broke back with a slick drop shot of his own and some firm returning:

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Here is the American smothering the court like someone who is emphatically not 6-foot-5, playing some noble defense before Cilic finally slits his throat:

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