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These prompts are designed to make your students think about not only what it means to be a leader, but what it means to be a community member and friend.

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Signal Mountain Middle/High School (6-12)

When she is not teaching, you can find Ms. Hannah exploring Eleuthera, taking photographs, playing with Potcakes, and collecting driftwood and sea glass from her favorite beaches.

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South Dakota law requires that parents of students in grades 7-67 be informed every year about what courses their sons and daughters need to take to be prepared for postsecondary-level work.

It is important to note that worries and fears can differ by gender with girls' concerns focused on academic adjustments, while boys' concerns more social/safety oriented.

CTL's assessment scheme provides a detailed picture of a student's abilities, activities, and progress. It reflects what happens day-to-day in our classes. It involves parents in a meaningful often delightful way. The information it conveys to mothers, fathers, and the next year's teacher is specific and useful. It is individualized and goal-oriented, and the goals are based on the observations of a professional teacher, in collaboration with an engaged learner. It holds students accountable. And it begins with their judgments about what they know, can do, have done, and need to do next. I can't imagine a more worthwhile use of my time, or that of my students, when it comes to evaluating their progress as writers and readers and nurturing their growth.

I don't teach expository prose to prepare students for the essays on standardized tests. The version of exposition called for by these prompts is so odd and specific it's a genre unto itself and should be taught and practiced, in the week or two before the test, using the test maker's sample prompts and under test-taking conditions. It's not necessary to devote a school year to test prep. But teachers do need to familiarize students with the format and demands of the writing task to help them tease out and name the features of the writing samples provided by the test maker, create a protocol for writing one that includes writing off-the-page, produce a couple under timed conditions, and analyze their results against the list of genre features they created.

Use the power of books as a starting point for your students essays with these high school writing prompts on books..
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My students have a writing-reading workshop four days a week. Each day I teach a minilesson to the whole class about either writing or reading. Then I meet with every writer at least every other day as I circulate among students during independent writing time. After kids finish a piece of writing, they copyedit it and submit it to me for final editing. The following day I meet with these writers individually and introduce one or two conventions of standard American English that showed up as problems in their pieces. This means that in a typical school year, when my students finish twenty or more pieces of writing, I meet twenty or more times with individual writers to address, in context, the issues of usage that each needs to master.

“This site was just recommended to me by a colleague, and I'm so happy to have come in contact with it! I am a high school teacher and I love reading new books that I can recommend to my students. This is a great resource and I plan to use it regularly!”

Then I ask students to go back into the poem independently, read it, and mark it up. Depending on the poem, I might ask them to attend to the stanza breaks, metaphors, or verbs to underline lines they wish they'd written, lines they don't understand yet, lines they can see, lines that surprise them, lines they think are the most important, lines that resonate, or the line where the poem changes and, always, to mark anything they notice that a poet has done well. I annotate my copy, too. In the discussion that follows, volunteers read and talk about what they marked.

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Students' letter-essays fill at least three pages of a marble notebook. By looking back, choosing the one book of the past three weeks that they wish to criticize, and considering it at length, students engage as critics. Because writing about their thinking makes anyone think better, my students are more insightful than ever about literature—about recognizing authors' techniques and purposes. And because their high school and college English teachers will ask them to write critical responses in which they develop arguments based on textual evidence, the letter-essays provide a stronger bridge into what comes next for middle schoolers as students of literature.

On the first day of school, CTL runs a shortened schedule. I use this class to initiate a few routines, get kids talking to one another, invite them to check out the room and its resources, and distribute surveys for students to complete about their backgrounds as writers and readers. The very first routine, a poem, is the way I start every workshop.

5 An Extreme Degree of Difficulty: The Educational Demographics of Urban Neighborhood High Schools , Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 7556

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