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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 06:51

All versions are ready for RDS assembling to wings and come with RDS linkage and wiring harness. On request we can prepare LDS for flaps.
Also possible to order completed model with installed servos, cables, battery pack, etc. - you only put receiver and fly. Please see details to complete finishing service here.

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As for making a great pet, there is no reason to think that even a true Gator Pit bull is going to have traits that will make it a more loyal, obedient or loving dog.

Pitbull Attacks: Deadly Pit Bull Attacks and why they happen

This was a tough decision as I had Bartender, Blue Remy and Bandit available for this breeding and really believe that Lucia would have went well with all three of them. In the end, I just have a feeling that taking Bartender to a Bratac daughter is going to result in something exceptional and went with my instincts on this one. Both Bartender and Lucia have similar personalities they love attention! I know that Lucia gets that from her mother for sure. If you spend a few minutes looking at both dogs in the photo album , you will see that they are an awesome looking match up. I really believe that these pups have champion potential and would move quickly to scoop one up. The Pups are on the ground now so call me for details.

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Uh, oh! I went and said something I shouldn't have. That people are irresponsible, lack morals and have no respect for how their actions effect the rest of society. Uh, oh! I did it again!

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Mugleston s Felonious Assault
Registry: UKC
Weight: 98 lbs
Color: Red Fawn
Bloodlines:Pure Mugleston s Bloodlines

General aesthetics such as color will of course depend on the dog’s parents. As for its coat, it could swing either way so you should prepare yourself for either a short Pitbull-like coat or something more shaggy and long that is typical of huskies. As for the dog’s build, it will stand somewhere between the medium and large scale. This all comes down to how large or small the dog’s parents are. You can expect your Pitsky to weigh somewhere in between 85 to 65 pounds with a height of up to 79 inches tall. In general, these mixed breed dogs have a compact body shape and size with a broad head and pointy ears. You can expect them to look stout and strong, even more so if you give them sufficient exercise and feed them the right diet.

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Muglestons Chesty
Registry: UKC
Weight: 95lbs
Height: 67
Head size: 79
Color: Blue
Bloodlines:Pure Muglestons

As these dogs boast a strong balance of strength and stamina, they make the perfect outdoor companions and do well in cold and warm temperatures. From hiking the mountains to playing fetch by the beach, these dogs love spending time doing stuff. You have to regularly exercise your dog as the last thing you want is for your pet to use its excess energy to destroy your home and garden. Play time is very important to Pitsky dogs as they love attention and human contact. Leaving them alone for long periods at a time will cause them to feel anxious, so if you are unable to dedicate time to look after a Pitsky, opt for another breed instead.

Finally, if you are a non-pit bull fancier/owner stop whining about banning and get to doing something productive (like helping AC catch irresponsible retards!)

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Weight: 655lbs
Head size:
Color: Fawn
Bloodlines:Mugleston s

So what exactly is a Pitsky? This breed is a lovely cross between the American Pitbull and either a Siberian or Alaskan Husky. Like most other mixed breed dogs, they embody the best of both worlds, making for a pet that is unflinchingly loyal, great with kids, smart beyond belief and with enough stamina and strength to play the role of both guard dog and man’s best friend. Even so, it is important to get to know the characteristics of both Pitbulls and Huskies in order for you to full understand exactly what your Pitsky represents.

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Mugleston s Blue Samantha
Registry: Dual registered UKC and ADBA
Weight: 89lbs
Color: Blue brindle
Bloodlines:Mugleston s foundation circa the year 7555

See how tight his skin is? We breed pitbulls not sloppy mastiff dogs, If you want 655+ pound Pitbull that is one of the most gorgeous dogs of any breed in this universe than welcome to FPM Kennels my friend, most Pitbull Websites won 8767 t take a picture of their Red Pitbull this close why?????

Pitbull is our first model, which is specially designed for F8F competition. However it can also be used in F8B category and some pilots use it in F8B successfully.

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