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My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

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this Jungleland-like studio is that of ceramicist Rena Noordermeer of Studio Hear Hear , a workspace that she shares with her partner Sam (of the Endeavourist ) featured recently on haarken. Hear Hear is a small ceramic studio and online shop based in a charming town just outside Amsterdam, the Netherlands offering a range of handmade ceramics and an ever-changing selection of original well designed and responsibly made goods characterized by simplicity and authenticity. their ceramics are beautiful, and why wouldn 8767 t they be having been designed in such an inspiring and beautiful space, full of greenery and lovely bright light? if i ever had a studio space again, i 8767 d hope for it to look much like this!

My Top 5 Favorite Preachers Today

I have found these wraps at Costco to be a super food. I will use them at lunch or dinner, and they taste great. I also have made flat-bread pizzas out of them, as well. Really versatile. And they freeze beautifully.

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If I were considering preachers you can still get audio for, but who are no longer preaching, the list would be headed by Lloyd-Jones , and would include such legends as Adrian Rogers , Stephen Olford , Leonard Ravenhill , Alan Redpath and Vance Havner.

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I will always be a work in progress. As a woman who has been walking with Christ for a very short period of time, the past four years have been life-changing. I no longer suffer from the tremendous self-pity, self-indulgence, self-centeredness. I still suffer with the thoughts but with Gods help I no longer have to act on them. My Life Groups at church is where I hear God speak through each of the women as we share our inter most thoughts and feelings. I must be open to learn from others, Oswald Chambers has been one of the best teachers.

His luggage is checked in far too quickly and we begin a slow walk towards security. We are there before I know it, and I feel my heart leap into my throat. I choke back a sob as he turns towards me sheepishly, tears welling up in his blue eyes.

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Surrendering to God is very difficult. But if I know in my heart I am doing life to the best of my ability then I believe he knows I am as well. If I always do the next right thing I am right with God.

All this stress led to a complete and total physical breakdown. Pounds piled on until it became too hard to exercise with any regularity. I felt horrible in my own skin and ate like my plane was going down. Over the course of four years, I gained nearly 95 pounds.

This past weekend, I was at bookclub. It's a new bookclub, and we're all getting to know one another. One of the women there, Nancy, is in her 75s and has faced more than her share of challenges. Life has thrown some pretty tough things her way, and each meeting we've had, I've found myself admiring her toughness and grit. We were discussing motherhood, its challenges, and joys. I shared my well-worn mantra and told the women how I regret that I didn't have more kids. Nancy turned to me and said, "Bullshit. You need to get over that and find out what the next phase looks like. Motherhood is wonderful, but it's not your entire life. Time to get busy and start something new."

Welcome! I am Christie, a wife, mother, and diet coke addict. I write to remember the gift that is my life. I wear diamond shoes, complain frequently, and wish desperately that my babies would stop growing up so fast.

The dirty trick that no one tells you is that one day, you will spend every minute watching the clock and willing it to stop. They never tell you that your heart will hurt and swell at the thought of time moving forward. And move forward it will, at a pace so rapid your head will spin. You will wish and pray for just a few more months or hours or minutes with these babies. Nobody ever warns you that you'll look back and wonder if you appreciated it enough, loved them enough, taught them enough.

I’m seeing lots of Moroccan touches throughout. What else influenced your personal + home style?
Living abroad. My childhood homes were filled with treasures my parents collected from our travels. Our house was filled with Tunisian birdcages, Persian rugs, camel bells and Italian demijohn wine jugs. And Michael grew up in Ireland and London so he also has a more European sensibility. We both prefer small, cozy spaces built around a fireplace to large, airy homes.

The room was silent. I sat there somewhat dumbfounded, unaccustomed to not being coddled by a fellow mother. I expected sympathy, and understanding what I got instead was the best wake up call of my life. I have not been able to stop thinking about what she said since.

We arrive at the airport with plenty of time - a byproduct of my nervous energy when it comes to travel by air. I am paranoid and neurotic, and it drives my husband crazy. He humors me, and as a token of his affection, we are there earlier than he would like.

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