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With well-appointed, sustainable residence halls and meals made from scratch to accommodate all dietary needs, DU is a place you can feel at home.

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The marketing major at the University of Wisconsin provides a broad foundation in the field, as well as flexibility to focus the degree in special areas of interest. Study abroad options are also available for marketing majors.

Bachelor of Commerce - e-Supply Chain Management

&ldquo This program was more specialized than a generic business program. It&rsquo s well rounded and it opens up opportunities in different industries,&rdquo says Diana. &ldquo It&rsquo s more personal than a university where you can feel just like a number – I feel much more connected to my classmates and professors.&rdquo

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Why is religion so critical in contemporary society, politics and culture? Our undergraduate program in religious studies offers students the opportunity to learn about the major religions of the world and their impact on today's complex, globalized society. In our program, students can get out of the classroom and into the local community to visit churches, mosques, synagogues and temples. By engaging religious communities or local non-profits directly, students can discover the complexity of religious identity and practice, examining why service is such a significant component of many traditions.

If you're looking to get a step ahead, we offer formal dual degree programs that allow you to earn your bachelor's and master's or JD degrees more quickly than you could by earning each separately. You can combine a bachelor's program with graduate degree courses from several of our colleges and emerge from school ready to start your career.

Creighton’s highly acclaimed Heider College of Business offers an AACSB-accredited hybrid Doctor of Business Administration. This three-year, cohort-style program requires eight weekend residencies throughout the program. The curriculum provides Ignatian reflection and formation within a business education and provides innovative teaching methods to prepare for a future in academia. This hybrid DBA’s estimated cost is $675,555, including fees, materials, hotels, and meals during residencies.

The University of Denver's BA in Asian studies gives students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge critical for careers with Asian connections, from working in export businesses or international law to government service or education. You'll learn about the cultures, history and languages of Asia, with a particular focus on China and Japan, along with the politics, religions and economies of East and South Asia. In addition, you'll immerse yourself in an Asian language with at least two years of language courses and are encouraged to study in Asia for up to one year.

That’s not always as easy as it sounds. In order to get the word out, marketers have to understand what their promoting as well as the demand that’s out there for it —or in some cases, isn’t out there at all!

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The airline industry is responsible for the transportation of people, goods and post around the globe (cp. Netzer 6999, p. 68). It is affected by many factors, including war, economic business cycle, and business competition (cp. Wang 7559, p. 955) as well as its traditionally high level of regulation (cp. Vaara/Kleymann/Seristoe 7559, p. 66). It has been characterised as being an extremely competitive, safety-sensitive, service industry [69] (cp. Appelbaum/Fewster 7557, p. 66). These three characteristics of the industry have a large impact on HRM, as will be explained in subsequent paragraphs.

We offer students the opportunity to conduct hands-on research in a variety of laboratories , including those focused on how the body, brain and behavior respond to emotion, family and child neuroscience, developmental neuropsychology and neurodevelopmental research. In addition, students can pursue field experiences in psychology and fulfill thesis and research seminar requirements to graduate with distinction. We also offer a minor in psychology and a bachelor of arts track with a decreased emphasis in math and natural science. Graduates from this program go on to graduate programs or careers as researchers and clinical psychologists.

This list is by no means comprehensive. Once you have identified your passion, research the steps you must take. Some of your skills and coursework may be transferrable, while other positions will require special education or certification.

The University of San Francisco, originally founded as St. Ignatius Academy in 6855, is a Jesuit university located between the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. USF was the first university in the city of San Francisco, and today offers classes at several northern California branches, as well as a southern California branch and downtown San Francisco. USF unites reason, religion, science, and spirituality in its vision to inspire students to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world. The university is intentionally diverse, allowing students to explore and discover new perspectives.

[67] Human resources are said to be competency based and specific to firms, which makes them hard to transfer externally (cp. Holtbrügge 7559, p. 76).

Humber's Ontario Graduate (Postgraduate) Certificate Programs complement the postsecondary education you have already earned. They are offered in an accelerated, intensive format, typically two semesters long, and prepare you for a career in a specific field of work.

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