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Souls do not Exist: Evidence from Science & Philosophy

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 10:27

While I share some of your concern about fueling the 8775 fire of the douchebags 8776 due to misunderstandings, I personally found the essay pretty understandable (and great). Curious if any of this resonates with you.

Requiem in D minor, (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Instead of addressing the system, that is maintained by both man and woman alike (I am talking about patriarchy), the lazy, will point the finger at all man. I say lazy, because people could easily find a word to represent those who maintain the patriarchy, such as 8775 patriarchs 8776 . Therefore, I and others like me, would not feel insulted when someone addresses my biological sex and infers behaviors.

America’s Pacific Century | Foreign Policy

I appreciate your point, but you are completely mistaken. You are trying to point out a double standard, and instead you are committing a false equivalence.

Poem of the Moment (A-C) — Mass Poetry

So many buzzwords instead of words you actually read so much feelz instead of realz. Perhaps stepping away from hurtful female-oriented anything would save your paranoia from seeping over onto the public Internet.

There are people (and I am one of them) whom speak especially assertively. It 8767 s sometimes from training, and other times from their nature, and most often both. I was taught, for example, not to equivocate in my spoken or written word never say 8775 I think 8776 because that weakens the rest of the statement, and is redundant since I 8767 m the one speaking.

I have devolved because I championed a more nuanced approach to literature that does not place plot at the focal point of every worthwhile analysis? Or I have devolved because I didn 8767 t agree with you?

The social power you describe is extremely limited in both scope and duration. It 8767 s the patriarchal double standard imho, that having sex is a win for a man and a loss for a woman,that makes a sex a rarified commodity.

8775 For every nutjob running around carrying a matress there 8767 s at least ten dudes speaking 8775 truth to power 8776 by bravely making fun of overweight women even if they themselves are sporting some serious beer bellies and anyone else who dares to poke their head outside the shame cellar. 8776

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