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Any knowledge can never end anywhere. As per Vedas, Eeshvar is the possessor of true knowledge of Vedas and Eeshvar being infinite, possesses infinite knowledge. The process of discoveries will go on till the humanity exists.

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Now a subtle threat which Hindus are not aware of is that of false Hinduism that is being spread in the west. While we think that the Hindu Godmen are thronging west to popularize Hinduism, I see the reverse happening. Westerners are attracting Godmen with money and appealing to their greed. Once they go West, these Godmen totally switch their attitudes.

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Vedic Astronomy, then, is thus merely a small science to the Rishis, who knew the Higher Cosmic Truths of various elemental beings. If such Rishis knew theories such as the Big Bang etc. then the Science of the Stars, to them, is merely small.

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This all shows the inter-related Sciences to Astronomy, as the Cosmic Universal Truths, the origins of the Stars themselves, from which the Hindus credit their own sciences, through their planetary rulers, the Devas or Gods (Shining Ones).

What has chiefly induced severe moralists to declaim against refinement in the arts, is the example of ancient Rome , which, joining, to its poverty and rusticity, virtue and public spirit, rose to such a surprizing height of grandeur and liberty but having learned from its conquered provinces the Asiatic luxury, fell into every kind of corruption whence arose sedition and civil wars, attended at last with the total loss of liberty. All the Latin classics, whom we peruse in our infancy, are full of these sentiments, and universally ascribe the ruin of their state to the arts and riches imported from the East: Insomuch that Sallust represents a taste for painting

But though the injury, that arises to commerce and industry from our public funds, will appear, upon balancing the whole, not inconsiderable, it is trivial, in comparison of the prejudice that results to the state considered as a body politic, which must support itself in the society of nations, and have

We, Hindus, ourselves are responsible for the plight that our Great Culture finds itself into. I will dwell into a few 8775 FAULT-LINES 8776 in a series of comments, starting from this one.

Few enumerations of inhabitants have been made of any tract of country by any ancient author of good authority, so as to afford us a large enough view for comparison.

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