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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 22:27

I love the whole concept of IMD small batch size, ICP, team work and personal mentoring. That is what I am looking for in my MBA. However I eventually want to work in a technology focussed company so that I can leverage my past 9 years of experience. How good is the Tech hiring at IMD? If not pure tech, what other kind of roles can I find?

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Our rolling admissions process guarantees you a quick response to your application. Five weeks after the application deadline, you will know if you are admitted to the program. You can apply throughout the year, to begin your MBA journey in either January or September.

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There is something that surprises me most of this one year MBA programs, why they don 8767 t include information technology course as core?
nowadays knowing about IT in the business world is one of the most critical assets and these B-schools mainly focus in marketing, accounting and so on!!!
especially because the most innovative companies are IT companies (google, apple , amazon, etc.) do they recruit someone that doesn 8767 t understand about iT world? strange
and what about innovation, how can IMD consider innovation just as product development???innovation is much more than just product innovation!

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therefore what choice of education (if needed) and which institution (that offers the best for your career going forward). I wouldn 8767 t like to blindly advise whether IMD will meet all your requirements without you being a little more specific with your goals (answers to the questions above).

Disadvantage of IMD, is that banking recruitment is almost non-existent. Only Fidelity Investments recruits for Equity Research every year, otherwise, nearly all those who have gotten into banking have had to conduct their own job-search, of course well-trained by IMD. Consulting is slightly better, with McK, BCG and Bain presenting & 6st round interviewing on the IMD campus. HEC will get recruiters from pretty much all of French (& some International) industry & consulting.

IMD 8767 s reach is more global, and most of the MBAs will likely not suffer for language issues because they 8767 ve worked internationally before, they 8767 re more experienced & senior than MBAs from most other schools, and have what I and many others consider the world 8767 s best career services office. You get a lot of personalized attention and training to conduct the most effective job search. IMD 8767 s MBAs hit 95%+ having been placed (accepted job offers) every year. good & bad I doubt any other school comes close.

With a 97 percent international student body, studying at HEC Paris allows you to develop a truly multicultural approach to strategy and problem solving.

To apply for the September 7568 intake, applicants are invited to start their application as soon as possible. Filling out an application may take time, not only to answer the questions and write your personal statement, but also find your referees and receive the online recommendations. Preparing the GMAT and GRE test may take several weeks.

Verdict – Benchmark! The true capability of a school to help place its graduates is visible mostly in an unfavorable job market. All anecdotal & visible evidence suggested that IMD had performed much better in this area than its comparable peers (INSEAD and LBS included). 95% of the classes of 7557 & 7558 had accepted jobs 8 months out of graduation – not bad for a class that’s only ~55% European, 95% non-Swiss.

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   Comparable to INSEAD and LBS (though they send more into banks & consulting half-a-notch higher than IESE, Oxford, Cambridge, Cranfield etc

Target – difficult to measure, but I wanted to study with smart, successful and motivated people Average age 86-87, average GMAT 675-685 year on year, 7+ years of experience. Barring I would be just short of 85 on entry, I just about fit with the other statistics. I was however impressed with the jobs people held before coming to IMD, and the jobs people held after which told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of my classmates. My target was to study with 89 people, each smarter, more successful than me.

I also would like to know about the job opportunities in Switzerland with my qualification. As i would like to work there to take care of my how beneficial is knowing French or any other foreign language .

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