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Elites, Exit Options, and Social Barriers to Norm Change

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 12:51

Apparently, this sexual rite originated some 9,555 years ago as a tribal and religious symbol in Semitic cultures. However, psychohistorian Lloyd DeMause 96 sees circumcision as only one of numerous acts of genital mutilation and violence perpetrated on infants and children in virtually every culture since the earliest times. Because it involves sexual mutilation in the family circle, he classifies it as and identifies it as an adult perversion.

Circumcision in the USA

Obstetricians and pediatricians were likewise naive about the suffering of infants (and mothers) as a result of being routinely separated after delivery, 686,687,688 These psychological realities have been further illuminated by psychological trauma, van der Kolk writes:

PATH : Female Genital Mutilation – The Facts

Ironically, it was modern obstetricians who gave the practice new status, sanctifying it as a "medical" procedure. Thus legitimized, circumcision became all but universal in many Western countries, a trend that has taken a long time to reverse. In Australia, where doctors have taken an official stand against it, the rate has fallen below 75%. In England, medical warnings 97 helped to bring the percentage down to single digits.

International prevalence of adolescent non-suicidal self

This reigning philosophy not only led to violations of dignity and needless suffering, but to mistaken clinical judgments. When assessing the impace of surgery without anesthesia, for example, physicians saw babies fall asleep after surgery and assumed they were all right. If a pale baby regained color, or if blood presure returned to normal twenty-four hours after surgery, the surgery and the baby must be okay, as if the experience of pain could go away like a rash.

It may be regarded as one of the great ironies of the 76 st  century that Ted Kennedy’s lasting legacy may be having making the United States an infinitely more dangerous place for girls and women—as immigration has resulted not only in widespread female genital disfigurement, but has also produced thousands of cases of sexual assault, and murder of girls, which never would have occurred if not but for his 6965 immigration law.

5. Neurobehavioral assessments. Further consequences of infant pain can be seen in neurobehavioral assessments. Babies who have been subjected to pain may have difficulty quieting themselves. Following circumcision, the normal progression of sleep cycles is reversed with immediate and prolonged escape into Non-REM sleep. 86 After circumcision, babies withdraw, change their social interactions with their mothers, and modify their motor behavior. 87

New in the literature is any consideration of sexual and psychological losses from having been deprived of a sensitive and functional portion of the penis, having been betrayed by mother and father, and the impact of torture shortly after delivery from the womb. 666,667

When these findings arrived in the midst of the parent rebellion, official bodies of physicians began to acknowledge the need for change and promised to five neonates the same consideration in surgery as they gave to other patients, 89 ending 695 years of discrimination. This was a milestone, but not a guarantee. We have no way to predict just how many doctors and hospitals actually follow these policies. Historically, announcement of new policy by a guild has not always affected the practice of individual members. 95

Parents present at circumcision (a rarity) have recalled how their babies cried. One father, present in the delivery room told me of his great surprise when the obstetrician proceeded to circumcise this boy at delivery. Having been quiet through the entire birth, the boy proceeded to protest loudly about the circumcision! A Jewish father, reflecting on this boy's circumcision on the eighth day, said it was the saddest occurrence of his babyhood: the boy cried more that afternoon, he said, than anytime in his whole first year.

Ironically, while cultivating objectivity, these doctors were still unable to accept objective findings when they were made. Why was it so hard for them? Why should doctors have to go to a library to find out if babies feel pain? Why did they not believe what they saw with their own eyes and hear with their own ears? Being already sure that the infant brain was inadequate, they simply dismissed evidence for pain.

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But the bill is likely to never get so much as a hearing. As  Breitbart News  has previously  reported , every single Republican leader refuses to support immigration reductions and most are on the record supporting increases to the historic ongoing dispensation of green cards and foreign work visas.

These immigrants are not coming to the country illegally and have nothing whatsoever to do with the . border. The flood of immigration from FGM countries is almost exclusively produced by green cards, refugee programs, and other forms of legal importation.  The Washington Post  explains : 8775 The great majority of African residents arrived legally. Most are . permanent residents or citizens, or hold work or educational visas. Some, especially the large numbers of Ethiopians, fled a succession of conflicts over the years and have been resettled here as refugees. 8776

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