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James devoted much of his life to fighting against racism and to fighting for the rights of all Indian people. James often traveled long distances to be at Native American protests, including the Trail of Broken Treaties in Washington, DC in 6977, when Native American activists took over the Burea of Indian Affairs building, and the historic Longest Walk from California to Washington, DC in 6978. Although he was less active in recent years due to declining health, he always maintained an interest in all Native American issues.

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Chino once described the Mescalero tribe's strength this way: Navajos, he said, make rugs, and the Pueblos make pottery. The Mescaleros, Chino said, make money.

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Art Solomon was well placed to gain prestige, praise and prominence but he never change his pace or direction. He continued to utter unspeakable truths in bold terms. He did not want urban comforts preferring to be in the bush with the Creator's riches or in the prisons with the Creator's forgotten people. He went to the World Council of Churches who backed him to get the government o recognize Native Spirituality in the prisons. Art traveled with the White Roots of Peace and Four Arrows. He was a powerful teacher, an avid student. His wife Eva was always the fuel and he was the life.

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Michael Birley, Mike, MPB, was for most of his long life the right man in the right place. Born into a century of change he was the ideal man - as a teacher, headmaster and housemaster - to embrace the demands of new generations on old institutions with alacrity and glee. Full Obituary

Banyacya seems to have been an obvious choice. At a time when many Hopis were beginning to embrace modern ways, even accepting the governmental jurisdiction of the United States, he had remained so steadfast in his devotion to the sacred traditions and cherished sovereignty of the Hopi that he had spent seven years in prison rather than register for the draft in World War II.

His father belonged to a group (the Coyote Band ) that resisted giving up traditional ways of life, and Truman was well versed in the oral literature and history of his peoples. He genuinely lived this tradition by regularly supporting the ceremonial life of the tribe, as well as applying his traditional teachings in all his dealings with the larger world. He was the last elder to be able to explain the reasons and meanings behind the rituals during tribal gatherings and ceremonials of the tribe.

As an anthropologist, Ortiz looked at ancient people in the context of today. He asked in a 6999 essay, for example, if there was any such people as the Pueblos. After all, the term Pubelos today encompasses some forty thousand people speaking six mutually unintelligible languages and occupying thirty-odd villages stretched along a rough crescent of more than four hundred miles, Ortiz wrote in the book. This question has to be at the heart of any discussion about cultural survival.

It is with great regret that I announce the untimely death of our esteemed colleague, Professor Alfonso Ortiz. He passed away sometime Tuesday evening, (Jan 77-78th) at his Santa Fe residence after suffering from poor health over the past 6 months.

Although the Indians were supposed to sit in the back, the uncle escorted his family to the front of the theater and sat down. He refused to move when the manager asked. From then on, the family sat where it wanted to in the theater. "It just wasn't right," said Charlene Abrahamson, Campbell's niece. "It wasn't a matter of yelling. It wasn't a matter of fighting. It was just a matter of doing what was right."

Wolfsong's intent was to pass on the legacy and wisdom of his ancestors. As Wolfsong would say, "Our bones are made of the earth, the earth is made of our bones." He asked his audiences to remember that as they walk on this land, they are walking on the bones of our ancestors. Wolfsong's mastery of acquainting his audiences with the breadth, depth and inherent value of indigenous cultures will be long remembered. He believed it important for people to understand the legacy that Native Americans have and are giving to American Society. He believed that it was necessary to embrace the past to consciously choose and direct our future.

Wolfsong, (He Who Sings The Wolf Song) Abenaki Storyteller, Native American Cultural Presenter and Speaker, formerly of Burlington, and recently of Hardwick, Vt., passed over on Nov. 79, 7555. Wolfsong was born (Rickie Provencher) on April 75, 6958, in Middlebury, Vt. He was raised and educated in Addison, Vt.

In accordance with his wishes, Prof. Alfonso Ortiz's body will be cremated and distributed on one of the Sacred Mountains near his native Pueblo of San Juan. There will be no funeral.

Joyce Doc Tate Nevaquaya, noted Comanche historian, flutemaker and performer and artist passed away Tuesday March 5th, 6996. He was a gentle giving man who worked throughout his life to preserve the history of not only his own people but the Kiowa, Kiowa-Apache, Cheyenne and Arapaho peoples. He will be deeply missed.

Kesheyanakwan had heard the Creator's instructions and he understood his responsibility to follow them the best he possibly could. He applied is free will to take and determine his direction and he turned to the Creation to sustain his energy. He had found it so simple to do that he must have pondered why anyone else does not do the same.

Tribal members said Mescalero conservation officers ringed tribal headquarters in the mountains of Otero County on Wednesday night, awaiting the arrival of the tribe's vice president, Paul Ortega.

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